Whetu Marama Tohu (Star & Moon) 1918

Whetu Marama Tohu (Star & Moon) 1918 – The year the Holy Spirit visited T.W.Ratana



“Upon my rock is my word, my word is the truth and the life”

“Faith is not fact. The educated mind wants to prove by facts. Faith, I say again, is not fact; Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
“The mind and heart, even though physically a few inches apart, are miles apart in the Spirit.”


The Rock Carvings located on ‘The Point’ at Callan Park, NSW Australia are the extraordinary works of two young men (twins) of Mauri descent and heritage holding chiefly status within the Northern Tribes of Aotearoa (NZ).  They were incarcerated at the Callan Park Asylum in NSW,  Australia, for presumed mental illness in 1879.  The young men were extremely spiritual with clairvoyant abilities, which unfortunately for them led to horrific times (hardship, pain, and suffering endured at this Asylum) as they found themselves in an era where spirituality of this kind was misunderstood,  causing society to label them as mad or insane. The spiritual encounters (visions) of these young men, sets the stage to now interpret the various rock carvings they carved.

  To Mauri, these men were known as ‘Matakite’ or ‘Seers’ and prophesy was an essential element in their lives enabling them to foretell and carve events of importance before those events actually occurred. Much like the seers or prophets in the Bible, these twins mastered the passage of time, which aided them in their own personal therapy and healing. The twins, as with other seers in New Zealand, foretold the stories of the Muriwhenua Iwi.  The Muriwhenua people occupy lands stretching northward from the Maungataniwha Ranges to Cape Rēinga. In legend, this land formed the tail of the fish that Māui hauled up from the depths of the ocean.  The Muriwhenua Iwi is also where the Whetumarama Tohu (Star and the moon Symbol) originated from.

The twins also foretold the stories and the emergence of a Mauri Prophet called, Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana. This man was to unite the Maur people under God in spreading the teachings, locally and abroad, of Divine Enlightenment (Maramatanga) along with a ratification of a treaty signed between the English and Maori in 1840 called the Treaty of Waitangi.
Elders understood the prophetic sayings of the Seers of old.  “Seek, seek after the unknown” (the mysteries of things Spiritual).


Revelation 2:20 “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” Acts 2:18 “And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:”


 Several Mauri Prophets spoke in their prophesies  of how the people would identify a man who would be given ‘Divine Enlightenment’ to become the mouthpiece of God.

Akuhata Kiwa 1917 – “During the great world war of the year 1914, the Elder spoke again After this war this pillar shall come, a man, when this young man comes, he shall be the young man who will turn the people to the true faith, he shall not be lost, for his voice shall be like that of a bird.” (Nga Akoranga pg6).  “This young man will come before I have passed through deaths veil. There will be no Prophets, or knowledgeable teachers after him. When, this young man comes, he will bring with him Peace and the Faith, and he will be instrumental in getting back your remaining lands.” (Nga Akoranga p6)

Aperahama Taonui – “Ngati Whatua: From Tamaki to Maunganui, Hearken to me, do not stand a member for Parliament, be patient, a member has already been chosen for you, by Jehovah. You shall see a Man come to you, with two things within his grasp, the Bible and the Treaty of Waitangi, Listen to him.”

Atareta Mererikiriki Ropiha 1910 – “O people hasten to me, I am a woman, and being so, I minister unto you as woman would to her own child. For beware! The time is near when a young man will rise in my place; when he comes there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth; when he comes the true and the false will never survive together, neither with righteous and the unrighteous, no doctrines that are of God and the doctrines of Man and the Devil.”

Atareta Mererikiriki Ropiha 1912 – “Farewell Wiremu, take with you the God of your Ancestors, the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob; may the light of God shine among you and your family.” (Nga Akoranga p16)

Hipa Te Maiharoa – “A very little child will come forth from Mount Taranaki, he will finish my work for Jehovah.”(No.388-389; Te Rongo Pai O Ihoa Sheet No.158 Noted 1931; Nga Akoranga pg6). 1968 “Listen to me my Maori People, the one who will save you all will come forth in the Taranaki area; he will bring with him that for which you have waited for so long, for he will be carrying two books.” (WM No.238-243; Te Rongo Pai Sheet No.70; Nga Akoranga pg8)

Kingi Tawhiao – “It will be during the lifetime of my grandson that the blessing and salvation of the Maori people will come to be known.”  “You can see for yourselves that the above table shows that Ratana was the forth King as foretold by Te Ua Haumene, and that Ratana was also the grandson of Tawhiao.” (No.388-389; Te Rongo Pai O Ihoa Sheet No.157 Noted 1931; Nga Akoranga pg6)   1864

Heremaia Tomairangi – “The day is coming when he will rise and save the Maori people; he will, of course be the descendant of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” (Nga Akoranga pg7)  

Te Kooti Rikirangi –  “If this young man were to stand on this Marae, or when he sets foot within the boundaries of Wairoa, then you will see a rainbow descend upon the Marae; then, you will hear the Voice of Jehovah. Then, you will know that he is the young man you have been waiting for according to the prophecies.”(No.388-389; Te Rongo Pai O Ihoa Sheet No.157-Noted 1931).  “From Katikati to Cape Runaway (from one limit of the Mataatua district to the other) there will be one child. If he arrives within six years, there will be great tribulation. If his advent does not take place in that time, in twenty-six years, he will arise from the west and will unite the people and they will be a people of strong Faith.”  “The fulfilment of these words spoken by Te Kooti occurred when Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana first entered into the boundaries of Wairoa. As he stepped on to the Marae a rainbow descended thereon.(Nga Akoranga pp5-6)

Te Ruki Kawiti – “My illustrious warriors and people, I fought with God last night, and I survived. Therefore I call upon you to trample anger and fighting under your foot…hold fast to your faith, for the day will come when you will be ruled over by your Pakeha friends…Be patient, wait until the sandfly nips the page of the document, meaning the Treaty of Waitangi, the Sacred Covenant. Then, and only then, shall you rise and question and oppose…lest you break the sacred word of your Ancestors (the articles of the Treaty of Waitangi), their covenant…look to the distant horizon of the sea.” (WM No.238-243; Te Rongo Pai Sheet 70; Nga Akoranga pg7-8)

Te Ua Haumene – “It will be during the time of your forth King; when he sets foot on this land the people of the four winds will be clamouring, seeking for the position of Kingship to be established in one area. It will be after that the sun will shine upon you all.”(Nga Akoranga pg11)

Titokowaru – “I will never die, for I am a seed broadcast from heaven. I stand on Mount Hikurangi, in the land of light and enlightenment – although I am small in numbers and do not command great physical powers; I will tread the many waters of the World.” (No.388-389; Te Rongo Pai O Ihoa Sheet 157 Noted 1931)

Maori Twins – The only thing that sets the Maori twins apart from the prophets noted above is that the twins were in Australia and carved their prophecies in the sandstone rock at ‘The Point’ in Sydney.  Among other things they prophesied the coming of a man called T.W.Ratana who would have ‘Divine Englightenment’ (Maramatanga). One carving of significant importance is the ‘Star and Moon’ which depicts the ‘Morning Star and the Moon’  known in Maori as ‘Whetu Marama’ . It represents enlightenment firstly through the Christian trinity of‘the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’ (te Matua, Tama me te Wairua Tapu), with ‘the faithful angels’ (me ngā Anahera Pono) and the revelations of the ‘Mouthpiece of God‘ (me te Māngai)  – Rātana, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

This Divine Revelation was revealed to Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana on the 8th Novemeber 1918. 



 Above all things Ratana was a servant of God who was anointed  by the Holy Spirit. He was a great humanitarian, and as such made a tremendous contribution to the welfare and good of  many people from different cultures throughout the world by empowering them with good health, enlightenment, strength and divine peace on not only a physical but spiritual  levels as well.

As far back as 1924 when Ratana himself visited this sacred spot at the Point, Callan Park, to glance at these drawings,… And his daughter Te Reo Hura then Tumuaki of her fathers church, who was also on that 1924 tour, she returned to this site in 1983 to again look upon these amazing drawings,… With her at that time was the other Tumuaki, Janney Smith Tumuaki of the Roopu Raupo and senior Apotoro,.. Jack Watts, Whaimatua Anaru, Hamiora Farrell, Hamiora Hau and Paul Webster, Raumati Para… So this site has been and will continue to be visited by members of Ratana’s Movement and Church for many years to come. This site proves beyond any doubt, that RATANA was not only foretold by the Maori Prophets of old in Aotearoa, but even in Sydney, Australia…
Apotoro Rehita Kereama Pene (Kia Maia Pariha)

T.W.Ratana, the man, passed away on the 18th September 1939.

Ratana-Tangi (2)

T.W Ratana Funeral

The Rock Carvings produced by these Maori Twins depict many things for example;

1. The 4 point Star and Moon’ (Whetumarama) was adopted by Ratana. Later he was to add a 5th point to the star with the points representing 1.The Father 2. The Son 3. The Holy Spirit 4. The Faithful Angels and the 5th as representation for the Mouthpiece of God.

2. The Ship that Ratana travelled to Sydney on in 1924 called the ‘Maheno’.

3. A Whale depicting the beaching of two whales before T.W Ratana in 1918 that solidified his future physical and spiritual missions. At the beaching of these whales he harvested one to feed his people and to the second he asked that it spread the message to the world, hence the carving of the whale with the symbol coming from its mouth. The Words written on the whale BALENE DLMAR is Latin. Balene-(Whale) Dlmar-(Monument) ([dlamr-monumental]).  

4. The Circle (Vector Equilibrium) or Tree of Life is a depiction of planetary DNA and is seen in numerous sacred sites throughout the planet.

5. T.W. Ratana’s profile

6. The Nurse (Josephese) from the Asylum and the Ship she left Australia on, to return to England due to a death in her family.

7. The Japanese flag representing the ancient genealogical links between the Japanese and Maori.

8. The anchor representing the changes that will be anchored here at this time.

9. The horse depicts the coming of the Redeemer or the White Star on a White Horse.

10. Numbers and Names representing prophetic dates of prophecies to come in the future are in code. More detailed information will be released on the website when appropriate.

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The carvings are located on rocks on the shores of the Parramatta River at Iron Cove at a place called ‘The Point’. They are within the Callan Park grounds of the Rozelle Hospital, Sydney.  The location is a small headland between two inlets. The north east side of The Point is a rocky shoreline with sandy beaches, sandstone edges and remnant vegetation.

Today the carvings are visibly hard to see, some covered with soil, overgrown grass and moss. Some of the carvings have maintained a high visual quality due to a combination of factors such as water frontage, varied topography, rock outcropping, mature tree cover, historic buildings within a parkland setting, a strong visual focus toward the Kirkbride Block and a range of panoramic and enclosed views.

The Point at Callan Park, Lilyfield NSW Australia

The Point at Callan Park, Lilyfield NSW Australia

Because of the well preserved nature of the site it is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites remaining on the southern shores of Sydney Harbour and was rated by AASC as being of very high archaeological significance.  The rock carvings on ‘The Point’ have been the subject of much study, however today the government surveyors and assessors are no closer to understanding who the rock carvers were, the origin of the rock carvings or what the carvings mean.

Site Location is New South Wales Deposited Plan No. DP807747 in the Municipal City of the City of Leichhardt, Parish of Petersham, County of Cumberland, New South Wales Australia.

Map of The Point

New South Wales Deposited Plan No. DP807747

The Rock Carvings are on flat and rounded rocks which are protruding Hawkesbury Sandstone Rocks. Some of the Carvings are on the pathway, but most are spread over the rocks protruding towards the waters edge.

The Callan Park Asylum was within a high sandstone walls not far from the Rock Carvings. Buildings within the grounds are dated back to 1873.  The Mauri Twins were let out daily by a head Nurse, to venture to ‘The Point’.

Callan Park Lunatic Asylum

Callan Park Asylum

Management of the Site

The management of the site is at this time considered by various State and Local Government authorities, but is mainly managed by the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.
Mauri as hereditary guardians are presently maintaining, cleaning up and restoring the rock carvings to their original state for the purposes of beautification and preservation.  A documented report and assessment of the site is being compiled for submission to the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Leichhardt Council and the Department of Health have this site recognised in accordance with the information provided.

Website Update

Please be advised that this site is a static website. We reserve the right to amend, alter and delete at any time, as information and updates are received on a daily basis.

Leichhardt Council Report January 30th 2014

Restorer of the Carvings
Author of Website

Turikatuku III Alexander

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  1. We were there today, on Good Friday 2014, and had a bit of an idea of the carving’s provenance but no understanding of their connection to Maori or Christian religiosity. Considering what we’ve now learned from this site, I think their presence endows the place with tremendous significance and their unkempt state is a statement on both the Harbour Foreshore Authority and Leichhardt Council (not a good one). Shame on these officials who loudly proclaim their responsibility but are actually negligent defaulters.

  2. Interesting information you have there, I’ve always wanted to know what Ratana was all about as I too a follower of Christ Jesus / Yeshua (Heb). Also have Jewish connections through my grandmother side. You see, like most folks ones heritage / Whakapapa bloodline usually came through the father whereas Jewishness comes through the mother. Interestingly T.W. Ratana died in 1939 and was a twin, this seems unbelievable as I too was born in 1939 also I’m a twin… Note: I too have a very strong interest in Maoridom also an author of three works. One of these is fast becoming a best international seller as it involves our research whilst sailing around the Pacific with the quest of finding the ancient homeland of Hawiiki / Hawiki and after sixty years listening to elders and sailing around the island of the Pacific to include our tribal Kaumatua’s discovered Hawiiki isn’t in the Pacific as we had been led to believe. Why not write my name on to view our latest discoveries. Shalom Aleikhem (Heb) ‘Peace be upon you (plural). Ekoro

  3. WhAOPHMtae……Whakahoki nga reo whakamoemiti kia IHOA onga Mano, tuauriuri whaioio ki tonu te rangi mete whenua i te nui o tou kororia hei tiaki manaaki arahia ana waana nei pononga iti hei hapai kawe ana tenei kaupapa huarahi whakatakoto ana Ia iroto i te Matua, Tama, Wairua tapu me nga Anahera pono mete Mangai tautoko nei…Ae!! WhMTWAMtae

  4. MAORI ROCK CARVINGS – CALLAN PARK | Maori Twins PROPHESY on the coming of
    T.W. RATANA the ‘MOUTHPIECE OF GOD’ in Rock Carvings isn’t a
    perfect article, but it covers lots of knowledge.

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